Who We Are  

We are a family of servant missionaries 
committed to declaring and displaying the good news of Jesus Christ
 in the every day stuff of life.


Journey (in a nutshell)  

We are a group of messed-up people who are Jesus-followers learning to embrace our gospel identities (family, servant, missionary) with Kingdom intentionality.  We take seriously the idea that Jesus lived his life as an example for us to follow, and we simply and humbly submit ourselves to doing for others as He has done for us.
Journey Community attempts to live out these six expressions as Kingdom ambassadors:
  • Found People Find People
  • Loved People Love People
  • Served People Serve People
  • Changed People Change People
  • Forgiven People Forgive People
  • Blessed People Bless People
  • Accepted People Accept People
  • Comforted People Comfort People